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TECH-IN specializes in offering professional wireless solutions along with telecom products worldwide. Because you are dealing with directly with the specialist, you are assured of receiving a high quality, turn-key solution at the best market price.

  • TICN17-DB
    TICN17-DBTICN17-DBDualsystem 17dBmoutputpower,65dBgain 100-800sqmcoverage
  • TIC10A
    TIC10ATIC10A single system 10dBm output power, 65dB gain 10-100sqm coverage
  • TICN10
    TICN10TICN10 single system 10dBm-17dBm output power, 65dB gain 100-1000sqm coverage

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Technology is growing fast due to innovation. With this in mind, Tech-in Communication was launched.
As a specialist in telecommunications, Tech-in Communication is a high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to serve cellular network providers and individuals by offering comprehensive wireless solutions worldwide. Clients can benefit from our mobile enhancement solutions whenever they are suffering from weak signal during calling at home, office, restaurant, basement, commercial areas.

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Why repeater?
a. Blind or weak signal areas are formed if the buildings are too far away from CELL TOWER, or the buildings themselves shield or absorb signals.
b. There are too many complicated signals in the higher part of the buildings, therefore ping-pong switching effect has been formed and the signals fluctuate a lot, there are annoying noises during phone calls and call drops accordingly.
What antenna options do I have?
Tech-in Communication is capable of supplying various of antennas which are available both indoor and outdoor environments at present. Normally clients are able to select for appropriate antennas via the recommendations by our team.
What’s the function of splitters or couplers?
when the building structure is too complicated or there is big loss due to thick walls, etc., splitters or couplers shall be used so that more antennas can be installed in more areas to distribute the signals to each corner of the coverage area.
Which kind of repeaters will be suitable for me?
This depends on coverage size as well as specific frequencies need to be boosted. Tech-in Communication is going to tailored specified items based upon clients’ inquiries accordingly.
  • 1
    Quality Guarantee
    1. Our Production technicians have more than 5 years experience in debugging;
    2. The products tested after 48 hours high-temperature burn-in, the failure rate of less than 5 per thousand.
  • 2
    Technical Support
    1. Strong R&D team, independent innovation of ICS technology, wealth of practical experience.
    2. Smart functions are provided both consumer and industrial products.
    3. No interference to the BTS due to humanized design.
  • 3
    Intelligent Control
    1. Press Smart key,the repeater can convert between intelligent mode and normal mode. Intelligent mode:Automatically adjust the parameters, adapt to environment changes,to achieve the best coverage effects.
    2. Intelligent mode: After launching this function, repeaters shall adjust the parameters automatically to adapt to environment change, and then work properly.
    3. MGC, AGC functions: Adjusting repeater’s gain manually or automatically once any severe self-oscillation caused.
    4.Uplink sleep mode: Uplink will shut off automatically when there are no users, in that case, it can avoid causing any interference to BTS finally.
  • 4
    After-Sales Assurance
    1. 1 year as the standard warranty after goods delivery.
    2. Promptly response can be assured in case of any urgently inquiries requested.
  • 5
    On-Time Delivery
    1. The orders shall be processed within 1 working day after confirmation.
    2. Regular products will be sent out within 3-5 working days after payment received.
    3. The goods can be prepared in stock if needed.
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